Month: May 2017


It’s my first time to organize a full-blown company wide pageant. I’m so excited and nervous and anxious and dying and crazy and dying and planning and dying.

Mind you, this is our annual gay and transgender pageant. I’m a huge supporter/defender/member (I identify as pan-curious and you’ll hear more about it in the coming days) of the LGBTQIA and it’s such an honor to celebrate diversity, to celebrate the great things we all bring to the table not as a man or woman, but as a human being. For the first time, the pageant’s main focus is ADVOCACY. The pageant, Queen of the Night 2017, will serve as a platform for gay and trans individuals to voice out and show others what they’re truly passionate about and make a difference in the community.

As a humanitarian, it always feels great to be able to reach out to every community this world has to offer.