Relics in a Black Bag.

I didn’t mean to pry. I’m sorry.

My thumb got super sore tearing and tearing every single reminder of things that people already moved on from. I don’t know why they’re still kept and I don’t understand why we’ve allowed such memories to linger.

The thing is, they’re not mine but I know these things aren’t meant to stay any longer if our only focus is to start anew.

When I first opened Pandora’s Box (how appropriate!), I was puzzled then startled after reading and discovering some revelations I wasn’t quite sure I was ready for. I mean, after all, these are personal letters- it’s not like they’re bulletins or something. The point is, these connections, relationships and secrets are all in the past and everyone involved already moved on.

But I just have to mention that 90% of the letters I tore and discarded came from the same person. In terms of writing and the commitment, the consistency to do it, I cannot hold candle to her. That person is something else. I actually looked that person up to see what happened to her after all these years and was surprised to find zero (edit: I found her!).

In terms of the revelations, it didn’t upset me or anything because from where I came from (guess where), it was something almost everyone experienced. I was just surprised that there’s still bits and pieces of that after 40++ years.

If you’re curious to know what it’s all about, you’ll read about it soon but I’m not going to reference this. Figure it out.

Closure? Yes. After 40++ years, we can completely move on without a trace.


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