It’s my first time to organize a full-blown company wide pageant. I’m so excited and nervous and anxious and dying and crazy and dying and planning and dying.

Mind you, this is our annual gay and transgender pageant. I’m a huge supporter/defender/member (I identify as pan-curious and you’ll hear more about it in the coming days) of the LGBTQIA and it’s such an honor to celebrate diversity, to celebrate the great things we all bring to the table not as a man or woman, but as a human being. For the first time, the pageant’s main focus is ADVOCACY. The pageant, Queen of the Night 2017, will serve as a platform for gay and trans individuals to voice out and show others what they’re truly passionate about and make a difference in the community.

As a humanitarian, it always feels great to be able to reach out to every community this world has to offer.


How come?

Everyday, we come across attractive ads like this:

I mean, who doesn’t want a career with a huge pay, trips, tips and time flexibility? It’s a no-brainer.

Many people ask me why I’m with the same company for the past 6 years and frankly, it wasn’t because of anything I mentioned on the first few paragraphs. Yes, my job has all of that and more but sometimes, benefits aren’t the ones keeping you from going someplace else- It’s the culture, it’s the people you work with and the impact you make on people’s lives.

Take the ad for example. It seems so fun to be a Hooters girl but not everyone can be one. Plus, if you’re not comfortable in a business planted on sex appeal then there’s probably another job for you- and believe me, some of the best jobs aren’t on a pop ad!

My job is almost the same as a Hooters girl- I serve men (and women!), I come up with fun activities and basically take care of the workplace. I like that I don’t have to wear a tank top and have a portion of my breasts out.

Culture is truly a big factor because I met equally dedicated and fun loving people who aspire to make a difference in the world. It’s nice that the company gives importance to the things the employees love. We have clubs that give people an opportunity to show their talents and interests. What’s even better is that we pick our club members to perform in all special events.

Some companies may view their employees like numbers. Well, we are all numbers (as if you’re not a part of this world’s population!). It’s just about how you and your company would put value into what you do. Empowerment is key and we have so much for a seemingly average individual to succeed in the office. I’m a proud product of this company and I’m happy that my contributions are valued the way I value what I do.

Let’s face it, work has its ups and downs but it never really distracted me enough to give into the offers of other companies. I checked JobStreet (job posting site) probably 2x but none of them can match the kind of work I seem to like, that seem to match the values I want to have. See- It’s hard when you’re engaged.

Many Millenials may be fickle about the careers they want but I’m happy that the workplace is millenial friendly. If I’m feeling fickle, there’s probably another job in another department.

With that being said, we are looking for another one like me. 🙂 Apply now!


If you can only see the delight in my eyes upon opening my work laptop…

It’s the first day of work and I’m already begging to leave. I haven’t been out of town with my SO for a long time and we felt that the 48 hours we spent together alone wasn’t enough.

Don’t get me wrong, working is fun. In fact, it would cross my mind one or two times during my precious vacation hours- I’d probably sneak in some email or text too. Some people use it as a motivation to go on more vacations.

With the rate of what and how I’m doing now, I wonder, how many vacations do I deserve?

Miss Philippines.


For the first time in my young, crazy life, I was able to do something huge without making myself look like a joke in front of everyone.

It feels good to be recognized and to represent the country. Some people do sports, some do pageants (can’t do both, sorry!) but I do it through serving. No crown, sash, trophy or belt could ever top the honor of helping children be safe, protected- gearing them up for what’s yet to come so they could achieve their dreams and help others too.

I vividly remember writing the nomination for this project. It wasn’t hard to fill out the form because I know the project through and through (my parents can attest to that!) and I had a gut feel we’d nail it. It’s not really how elaborate your projects are, it’s mostly how it would benefit people in the long run.

So yeah, I’ve been involved with Rotary for about 10 years now and Rotaract for a little over a year. It’s really humbling and crazy. I love this side of me.

Going Places.

My 16 year old self would never agree to an office job. She was dead set on going around the world, other things were never an option.

Some 10 years ago, I was a very active writer and I had this elaborate (read: simple) plan of continuing the rest of my academic years writing my heart out til I go all over the world, still writing for a living. The college courses I applied for had something to do with it one way or another. I didn’t give myself other options. I figured it wasn’t the time to be fickle- no time to waste on things that would just divert my focus.

Life had other plans. The day I figured out I wasn’t going to any of the Literature courses I applied for left me so blank and so shaken. It took me some time before I finally accepted and made the most out of what I had (and what I had was definitely overwhelming- like beyond what I could ever imagine!)

What surprised me the most was the presence of writing opportunities at the most unexpected times. One of the things that brought me back to writing is winning a naming contest. I came up with the concept, the story behind the name and the elements that bring it together.


I cried a little when I saw my work on a company pamphlet. For someone who thought she lost it- I was floored. It’s a validation that the passion, the talent and everything you love about it is still there.

I may be in an office but I’ve had bigger adventures since I got here. It’s not just writing, it’s not just being in our counter, being of service to others but it’s also a journey of discovering more things about myself- that I’m more than what I thought I’d be, that I can’t just rely on one God given talent to make it through this life.

To Be Continued.