The Park.

This is where we built, nurtured and solidified the relationship.

It’s really a wonderful escape whenever we drag each other there just to talk for hours and hours and barely care if we have work that night. Most of the time, we just relax- we listen to what we both have to say and it creates connections.

And this is the very reason why every single day, I’m crazy about you. We never stop building connections to strengthen what we have. We always learn something new.

The park is, without a doubt, the best place for this. We are away from the prying, judgmental eyes and ears of petty people who waste their precious time minding our business. There’s always that sense of security in your broad, manly shoulders whenever we’re at the bench. We don’t mind the laughter of children running around the playground. The faint smell of grass, water, dirt and concrete is a sign we’re not just any where.

I used to go to the park when I’m feeling alone. I tread along the grass to find meaning in my seemingly senseless life back then. I would never look at anyone and fight my system so hard not to cry.

The park is a place I’ll never feel lonely anymore. Whether you’re with me or not, I’ll always feel loved because we made it our happy place, our own little sanctuary.


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